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Yoga Classes Prescott

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Individual Classes & Programs

Who benefits from Individual Yoga classes?

  • Beginner yogis, who would like to learn and achieve their yoga goals quicker or need individual adjustments. 

  • Advanced yogis to deepen their practice, learn breathing techniques and meditation. Some people prefer even more challenging classes, that might not be available for the group sessions or want  more focus on particular poses they want to improve on.

  • Students with certain contraindications / health issues, when standard group yoga class might not be safe, suitable or is not effective in achieving certaing health goals.

  • Couples or small groups of people (family, friends), who just want to practice in a private space. 


Yoga Classes Prescott

Private Class >

75 minutes

Private Class is a regular yoga class, adjusted to Student's personal level and needs - in a private setting.

  • 1 person - $80

  • 2-3 ppl - $55 per person

  • 4-5 ppl - $40 per person

* If class conducted in a rented studio - rental charges are paid saparately.

Yoga Teacher Prescott

"Personal Program" Class >

75-90 min

This type of Class is for those who have particular yoga or health goals. Each class specially designed according to Student or Group personal needs, goals and considering contraindications if there are any. Focus on adjustments if required. 

Holistic health questionarie/assesement and consultation might be needed in some cases prior to the first "Personal programm" Class. 

  • 1 person - $95

  • 2-3 ppl -  $60 per person

* If class conducted in a rented yoga studio - rental charges must be paid additionally. 

Hot Yoga

Partner Yoga >

75 min

Fun and creative way to connect and practice yoga together. Class can be designed for friends, couples, kids and workshop for several couples. 

  • 1 couple - $99

  • 2-3 couples -  $65 per couple

  • 4-7 couples - $50 per couple

* If class conducted in a rented yoga studio - rental charges must be paid additionally. 


Private Class Online >


A regular yoga class online, adjusted to your personal level and needs. This class is facilitated via Zoom or Skype, where student and teacher can see each other.  

  • 1 person - $55

  • 2-3 ppl - $40 per person

  • 4-5 ppl - $25 per person

Other Services:

Vegan Cakes
Arizona Vegan

Raw Vegan Cake - Workshop >

I will teach you all the basics and special tips on how to make a delicious and beautiful Raw Vegan Cake that will impress family and friends! These cakes are 100% raw (no baking), and 100% vegan! No sugar, no flour or gluten, no eggs. I will bring all equipment and all the ingredients needed.  

This workshop also includes Nutritional information about some of the ingredients and their properties. 


Duration - approximatelly 2 hrs. 

Number of participants: 1-5

Price - $180-250 (depending on the recipe).

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